How to install minecraft resource packs 1.6.2 mac

When it comes to maps, there is usually very little difference between major releases and minor ones of the same client version, they are mainly released to fix crashes and bugs, and don't add any major features. For example, most maps made in Minecraft 1. There are some exceptions though.

To change your Minecraft version, follow these simple steps: 1. Click "New Profile" at the bottom left corner of the Minecraft Launcher.

How to install Mods in Minecraft 1.6.2

Look for "Use version:" and select the Minecraft version you want to use from the dropdown menu next to it. Pick a profile name and click Save Profile. You can now simply select this profile anytime you want to play a map that was made in that particular Minecraft version. All rights reserved. Minecraft was created by Mojang AB.

How to Install Resource Packs [Texture Packs] Minecraft 1.6.2 (Mac) (PC)

Featured: Falling Falling - A unique survival map! The Galacticraft 3 download files marked for "1. Some players like to have mods from multiple Minecraft versions available on their computer - maybe a set of mods for testing in 1. Launching Minecraft will most likely crash if you mix mods for different Minecraft versions in the. Put all the mods for different Minecraft versions in the correct subfolders, and you should be golden. If you have 1. Remember, Galacticraft 3 works equally well in 1. If you're tinkering about with different Minecraft versions like this, please be careful when loading your saved game worlds - if you made a world in 1.

Lower on the Downloads page are some versions of Galacticraft 2, which was for Minecraft 1. That's older, but some great modpacks for example Attack of the B Team are still using it. If playing those older packs, we recommend that you use the Latest version of Galacticraft 2. These are very early versions of Galacticraft. For each game version, we offer the final Galacticraft version on our download page. Some people may have older versions from elsewhere, they are also included in some venerable modpacks such as Tekkit Lite and Voltz.

If you have a Technic modpack, use the Technic launcher to download and the launch the modpack. If you don't:. Actually, we hope it's not too complicated if you followed the steps! There is no official installer for Galacticraft. Some people do make unofficial installers. We strongly recommend you do not use them. First, they will likely install an out-of-date version of the mod, as the installer guys do not update as often as we update the mod. Secondly, who knows what other adware, spyware or viruses they might be installing on your computer as well.

Thirdly, some unofficial installers may be breaching Galacticraft's licensing - Galacticraft is freely available, open source software so if anyone is trying to charge you money for it then something's wrong! Often your web browser has a Downloads menu which will open up a list of recent downloads and you can check there whether the downloads are completed yet.

In Firefox it's under the Tools menu. If you found the downloads in your browser, you can right-click the individual downloads and choose 'Open Containing Folder' to see the folder where the download files are at. This may work slightly differently in Chrome or other browsers. If you still can't find them, maybe ask a friend or family member to help you? That will open up the Application Data folder. The Application Data folder has the.

There are videos on YouTube which can help with this.

Tutorials/Galacticraft Installation Guide - Galacticraft Wiki

Once you've found it, you might want to create a shortcut to this folder and place the shortcut on your desktop for next time. This should open up the minecraft folder in Finder immediately. Congratulations, if you're using Terminal to do stuff you are a Mac power user! A problem you will likely encounter if you do not use Terminal and instead just try searching for the minecraft folder in Finder, is that on most Macs the Library folder is a hidden folder by default.

That makes it difficult to find the minecraft folder using Finder, but you can still get to the minecraft folder very easily using Terminal as explained above. If you want to use Finder to find it, you may first need to set your Mac to show hidden files and folders in Finder, which is quite complicated!

Minecraft Forge API 1.13/1.12.2/1.10.2/1.7.10

You need to figure out whether Minecraft is starting to launch shows the white Mojang loading screen and crashing - see next step - or whether it is not even getting that far. If it's not even getting that far:. This is a common Minecraft setup problem. LWJGL is a standard 'library' which manages that talking. If it pops up this error when you start the game, it's because it wasn't able to make an OpenGL connection with your video card.

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There's a lot of stuff written on internet forums about this, most of it not very helpful. Another possible cause is that another program on your PC took the OpenGL connection, which stops Minecraft from using it. Skype has been seen to do this, in updates.

Minecraft: Texture Packs installieren

Yes really, Skype! Even though Microsoft owns both products. So if you think your video card supports OpenGL and its drivers are up-to-date, just try quitting Skype and other programs you have open, and try again. It's a confusing one, because sometimes you see this when there is some other startup problem scroll up higher in the console or error log to see if there was something else and sometimes the audio system is the real problem. Advanced users who are having to start Minecraft over and over due to setup problems are the most likely to see this The cause of the audio system problem is like this.

When the Minecraft game ends normally, for example using the Quit button in the main game screen, then you can notice it always finishes its console logging with the rather important message: "SoundSystem shutting down Even when the Minecraft game crashes, it normally shuts down its sound system properly before it exits to desktop it's good that way! But if you force-closed the Minecraft game, last time you played, then it misses that all-important step. By "force-close" we mean on Windows, right-click on the Minecraft tab in the Windows taskbar and select Close or even worse, use the Task Manager to force the application to close.

Force-closing Minecraft is bad, don't do it! The good news is that usually this problem fixes itself if you just start Minecraft again after seeing the error. If it recurs, check again that there isn't some other cause - look for error messages earlier in the console or log. Then start Minecraft again! If you are having this specific crash these are the first four lines of your crash report :.

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This can happen - for example - if you play later Minecraft versions like 1. The later Minecraft versions are OK with the longer view distances, but the earlier Minecraft versions can't always handle them.

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  6. If you got as far as the Minecraft main menu, you can change your Options there. If not, you can fix it by quitting the game and editing the options. Look for a line like this: renderDistance it could be another number, anything over 16 is potentially a problem. Change the number there to something like 12 or less, that's a render distance of 12 chunks blocks which should be enough for most people. If 12 doesn't work, try something even smaller like 6, 7, or 8.

    That's out of our hands, if you want it then go bug Mojang or Microsoft to make mods available in the console versions You will need Java of course. You probably have some Java version already if you're playing Minecraft. But to run mods you need, specifically, Java 7 or Java 8. Out of these, we recommend Java 8 - that's jre8.